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4 must-know glasses trends 2023 has to offer


See the latest glasses trends 2023 has to offer! We’ve put together this trend report to bring you the latest on eyewear trends this year. Here’s what to expect…

Eyewear trends 2023

The top eyewear trends of 2023 offer something for everyone. Indeed, this year’s most wanted frames boast a selection of different takes on eyewear styles, as well as harnessing a range of design legacies to appeal to everyone.

That said, you may find multiple styles that peak your interest this year. In fact, many stylists even recommend curating your own eyewear capsule wardrobe. There are many reasons for this, including practical ones. You may need multiple reading glasses prescriptions, for example for reading or driving. Also, having a few pairs because you’ve found a particular shape or style that works for you means that you can have a pair for home, a pair for the office, and even the car.

There are four primary considerations to bear in mind when picking eyeglasses in 2023.

These are;
Face Shape
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Skin Tone

We believe that all such rules should be taken with a grain of salt, but these factors that can be used as a face type guide for glasses can help as a starting point. With this in mind, read on to find our wrap up of the glasses trends 2023 is bringing to the fore - we’re sure it’ll help you find a frame for every face shape, as well as for every budget.

High-tech eyewear

First up, high-tech eyewear is in. Consisting of futuristic styles and geometric shapes, these glasses combine function with fashion to create some of the most forward-facing silhouettes of 2023. Following the popularity of fitness and outdoor living, glasses designed for outdoor activities and sports particularly define this trend, and are more widely available with prescription or reading lenses, as well as sun lenses. Pairing innovation with newly developed lightweight materials gives us a range of reading glasses and sunglasses alike which are high-tech not only in design, but in terms of lens technology too.

Photochromic or transition lenses are here to stay, and darken to a protective sunglasses tint when exposed to UV rays. Blue light filter glasses are also a favourite for 2023, and protect your eyes from potentially harmful blue light emitted from digital devices. Following this, sustainability is a big focus when it comes to these more high-tech eyewear trends in 2023, with many of these new materials consisting of things like recycled ocean plastic and bio-acetate.

Low-tech eyewear

On the opposite end of the scale, low-tech glasses are also trending in 2023. This consists of handcrafted frames with small batch production, favouring simple, classic shapes.

Look out for one of a kind and retro-inspired frames such as the browline and the cat-eye, as well as eyewear accessories like glasses chains.

Following this, glasses with a range of personalization options can also be seen in this trend.

Minimalist eyewear in 2023

One of the most accessible trends when it comes to eyewear this year is the minimalist eyewear approach. Following years of low-key design legacy developed and pioneered by Scandinavian and Korean fashion, this trend favours a less-is-more approach.

In simple terms, these glasses are designed with classic styles and shapes, combining a timeless look with premium quality that lasts. Some things to look out for that define the minimal eyeglasses trend are lightweight frames in nude colours, rimless lenses, and anti-reflective lenses.

This trend also allows for a more unisex look, offering glasses that suit any face type and shape.

Maximalist eyewear

The final trend we want to highlight for glasses in 2023 is the statement frame. This trend will allow you to use your eyewear to stand out, and treat yourself to something a bit daring and different.

The oversize frame is not a new trend, but this year this classic approach is being updated stylistically with embellishments such as precious stones and pearl accents. Colourful is also the name of the game here, when it comes to both frames and lenses.

Vibrant magentas such as the Pantone colour of the year, as well as bold greens and pale lavender tones will define the maximalist eyewear trends of 2023.

The final word on glasses trends 2023

When looking at all of the glasses trends 2023 has in store, we can see a blend of futuristic and fashion-forward maximalist frames, as well as a classic and minimal approach. With this in mind, creating your very own wardrobe of glasses can be easier than ever. Take a look at our picks below.

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