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How to pick glasses that suit you


By guestwriter Lisa McShane from the Antwacky blog

I now need two different glasses prescriptions – one for reading and one for driving. Plus I’ll need a sunglasses version of the driving prescription and ideally a sunglasses version of the reading prescription too – for when I read outdoors (which probably happens like five times a year). Most people would probably see this a pain. I see it as a shopping opportunity. So as with most shopping opportunities, I started with some research and found out that there are some best practices regarding what will suit you when it comes to glasses.

There are four main factors you need to take into consideration when picking glasses:

Face Shape
Eye Colour
Hair Colour
Skin Tone

Obviously, all style rules should be challenged, but these can help as a starting point.

Face Shape

Oval Face
An oval face is considered quite balanced, so most styles will suit you. To maintain balance, try styles that are a tad wider than the widest part of your face.

Round Face
Square or rectangular frames tend to suit round faces, making them appear longer.

Oblong Face
Wide or square frames flatter longer faces by making it appear shorter and more balanced.

Square Face
Round or oval frames suit square faces, creating balance by softening sharper angles.

Heart Shaped Face
Cats-eye or wayfarer frames flatter this face shape, making your forehead appear narrower and your cheekbones more defined.


There are two options with eye and hair colour. Pick something that complements your eyes/hair colour for a classy girl look. Or go for a total contrast for something more statement and trendy.

Grey Eyes
Any colour frame will work with grey, as it’s a neutral colour. Silver or gold being the classy, polished option.

Brown / Amber Eyes
All colours look great with brown or amber eyes. A bright green or blue would give a nice contrast.

Blue Eyes
Tortoiseshell and brown frames offer a neutral option, whilst orange will really make a statement.

Green Eyes
Red, gold or purple provides a great contrast, whereas brown or earthy tones are a little bit more understated.

Hazel Eyes
Green or brown will provide a sort of contrast as well as co-ordination. Amber frames are also flattering.