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Sunglasses trends summer 2023
Sunglasses trends summer 2023

Sunglasses trends summer 2023


As temperatures start to rise, you might be feeling inspired to assess your current sunglasses collection, and start searching for fresh options to add to it.

Read on to discover the most-wanted sunglasses trends summer 2023 has to offer, and learn how to choose the right pair for you.

Best sunglasses for women in 2023

There are several up and coming sunglasses trends to experiment with which perfectly coordinate with the 2023 eyewear styles for women that we already have on our radar.

In previous seasons, the emphasis was on excessively large shades, but this summer the focus for sunglasses is on distinctive hues, forms, and textures - think bold colours and distinctive shapes!

This season's sunglasses colour trends

2023's most significant sunglasses trends feature a diverse colour spectrum.

This includes vivid shades like bright pink and timeless tones such as classic white, and also encompasses neutral colours like black and tortoise, ensuring that there's a perfect option for everyone.

If you’re personally a fan of colour, you’ll find acetate sunglasses that feature thick frames in bright, bold colours like yellow or orange. Fun colours like pink and turquoise are also one to watch for summer 2023.

Further, bold, coloured lenses are a major trend for 2023. Look for sunglasses with lenses in shades like blue or green, or try a simple brown gradient lens that fades from one colour to another.

Neutral colours are here to stay, with dark brown, black and tortoise colours soaring in popularity.

Finally, when it comes to metal sunglasses for women in 2023, look for styles with slim, metal frames in shades like silver or gold.

Clara Milky Pink
Clara Milky Pink
Clara Milky Pink
Clara Milky Pink
Clara Milky Pink
Clara Milky Pink
995 kr
Lucy Classic Gold Sunglasses
Lucy Classic Gold Sunglasses
Lucy Classic Gold Sunglasses
Lucy Classic Gold Sunglasses
Lucy Classic Gold Sunglasses
Lucy Classic Gold Sunglasses
995 kr
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
Amelia Turtle Sunglasses
995 kr

Most popular sunglasses shapes for summer 2023

Distinctive and varied are two ways to sum up the most popular sunglasses shapes for summer 2023.

  • Oversized Round Sunglasses - If you opt for circular sunglasses this summer, go for ones that are notably larger in size than the tiny micro sunglasses that have been popular in previous seasons. Large, round sunglasses are a classic style that is making a comeback in summer 2023.

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses - Cat eye sunglasses are another retro-inspired style that is gaining popularity in 2023. Choose a pair with exaggerated, pointed frames for an edgy look or choose a pair with softer, rounded edges for a more refined look.

  • Square Sunglasses - Square sunglasses are a versatile style that can work for a variety of face shapes. Choose popular oversized square frames for a retro movie star look.

  • Aviator Sunglasses - Aviator sunglasses are a perennial favorite that never really go out of style. In 2023, try a pair with tinted lenses or an interesting, geometric frame.

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many trendy sunglasses shapes and colours that will be popular in summer 2023. Ultimately, the best sunglasses for you will depend on your personal style, face shape, and lifestyle needs.

How to choose the right sunglasses trend for you

When it comes to choosing sunglasses that suit your face shape, every face is different.

However, most fall into one of four main categories;

  • Sunglasses that suit a round face

  • Sunglasses that suit oval face

  • Sunglasses for square face

  • Sunglasses for heart shaped face

Once you've determined your face shape, it can help you narrow down your search for the perfect sunglasses. Different frame shapes will complement your unique features, so keep your face shape and personal colour palette in mind when shopping for shades, too.

Click here to read more about how to determine your face shape, and how to choose the right sunglasses for you in summer 2023.

The final word on sunglasses trends for summer 2023

In summary, summer sunglasses trends for 2023 offer a diverse range of colours, shapes, and textures. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or classic neutral tones, there is something for everyone. Ultimately, your style and comfort are bigger than any trend, so enjoy finding what works for you and your best expression of yourself!

Choose the perfect pair of sunglasses to complete your summer wardrobe from our latest collections below.

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