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Mindful Transitions: Practicing Self-Care and Mindfulness with TV Host Kristin Kaspersen


In today's relentless world, the pursuit of success often leaves us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from our own well-being. Kristin Kaspersen, a TV host, author, and lecturer, shares her insights on the vital role of self-care in our lives. This article delves into Kristin's experiences, exploring how to integrate her practice into our daily routines for a healthier, more mindful life.

Tell me about yourself and what you do. 

My name is Kristin Kaspersen. I work as a TV host, give lectures, and host a podcast called Kristin Kaspersen Nyfiken på. I have also written books about exercise, health, and self-leadership.

How did you first become interested in exploring the concepts of self-care and mindfulness?

I felt the need to feel better about myself, or more accurately, even better. I had a good life but wanted to find ways to cope with periods when work created stress and time felt insufficient. I wanted to get better at taking care of myself so I could be more effective for others and in my job.

Many people struggle with finding time for self-care. What are some simple yet effective ways to integrate self-care practices into a busy routine?

I believe this varies for everyone since we live such different lives. Get inspired by others, but remember to apply what you think sounds good and can help you based on your circumstances. Don't set too high expectations; give yourself time for reflection and what you need. I don't want to recommend specific techniques - the best is to read and research what's available and apply what you personally believe in and what fits into your life.

What actionable steps can someone take today to begin incorporating mindfulness into their daily life, especially during transitions?

If you feel the need, don't wait. Don't postpone finding new routines until tomorrow. Don't make too drastic changes. Start small, ensure it gets done, and gradually increase as needed when you settle into new habits. The most important thing is to start and make sure to give yourself the time you need. If you feel better, it benefits others in your surroundings too. Sometimes, it may feel like you're being selfish when you prioritize self-care, but it's quite the opposite. It gives us the energy to be there for others.

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